Opportunities to Garner Support Among Suburban Women Voters

March 22nd - Resurgent Republic conducted four Suburban Women focus groups, split between Wal-Mart Women (no college degree with household incomes under $50,000) and working college graduates in Iowa and New Hampshire.

The Disillusioned Obama Young Voter

March 27th - In Ohio and North Carolina, Resurgent Republic is sponsoring four focus groups with Young Voters under the age of 30. For our discussion, we’re dividing the groups by age, holding two groups each with those ages 23 to 26 and 27 to 30.

The Economy and Health Care Are Determining Factors for Seniors in 2012

April 3rd - Seniors (65 years old and above) will be one of the most reliable demographic groups to turnout this November. We’re conducting four focus groups with these target voters in Florida and Michigan.

Obama’s Likeability Is Not Enough to Win Back and Hold Independents

April 12th - In the spring of 2009, Resurgent Republic was at the forefront of showing how Independents drifted away from President Obama due to fiscal concerns. We’re checking in with these Obama Independents in the battleground states of Colorado and Virginia.

Dispelling the Myth of the Hispanic Monolithic Voting Bloc

April 23rd - Next in our ongoing research among Hispanic voters, Resurgent Republic is conducting four focus groups among this critically important demographic in the Southwest states of New Mexico and Nevada.

The Most Pressing Concern for Blue Collar Catholics is Improving their Financial Security

April 26th - These working class voters have the potential to swing several Midwest states this November. We’re traveling to Ohio and Pennsylvania to hear how they describe the state of the economy and more.