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May 10, 2012

Six months before election day, electoral fundamentals favor Republicans according to the latest Resurgent Republic national survey of 1000 registered voters conducted April 30-May 3, 2012. Following are key highlights showing how Americans feel about Medicare.

Read the full report: Electoral Fundamentals Favor Republicans in 2012

  1. By an 8-point margin, voters believe we need to take steps to save Medicare. Voters were asked to choose between two statements:

    Congressman A says we should not balance the budget on the backs of our seniors. We need to cut back spending, but Medicare should be off limits. Republican plans to privatize Medicare are a Trojan Horse that will end Medicare as we know it.

    Congressman B says the Medicare trustees have declared that Medicare will go broke if we do nothing because of all the retiring baby boomers. By giving people age 55 and under the choice of joining traditional Medicare or using Medicare dollars to buy a private health insurance plan, we can preserve and protect this important program for future generations.

    By 48 to 40 percent, voters choose the second statement that Medicare requires changes to preserve and protect the program. Republicans believe changes are necessary by 52 to 34 percent, as do Independents by 48 to 41 percent. Democrats split evenly between the two statements at 44 percent each.

Read the full report: Electoral Fundamentals Favor Republicans in 2012


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