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Hispanics Believe Obama's Priorities Different on Health Care

March 17, 2010

A majority of Hispanic voters have health insurance and believe that Obama does not share their top priority for health care reform. Overall, 65 percent of Hispanics report having health insurance coverage for all members of their family and another 20 percent report that some members of their family have health insurance coverage.

Asked their main priority when it comes to reforming health care, a plurality (46 percent) of Hispanic voters say it is to “lower the cost of health care for all Americans.” By party, a majority (59 percent) of Republicans and a plurality (49 percent) of Independents select lower cost.

However, a strong majority (58 percent) of Hispanic voters believe that the top priority for Obama is universal coverage. This means that overall, fully 57% of Hispanic voters believe that Obama is pursuing a priority on health care reform that is different from their own.

Providing federal funding for abortion has become an integral part of the health care debate. A majority (55 percent) of Hispanics identify themselves as pro-life, including 48 percent of Hispanic voters who hold this position “strongly.” Government funding for abortions will be a significant concern to many of these voters.

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