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Economy Remains Top Issue as More Voters Say Country is on the Wrong Track

March 9, 2011

  1. Two-thirds of the country continues to believe that America is off on the wrong track. By 65 to 26 percent, voters say the country is on the wrong track, up from a 57 to 34 percent margin saying so in January. While Democrats think the country is going the right direction (51 to 37 percent), Republicans and Independents strongly disagree, with Republicans saying we are on the wrong track by 88 to 7 percent, and Independents agreeing by 72 to 20 percent.

  2. The economy remains the most important problem facing the country. Almost half of registered voters (47 percent) say the economy is the most important problem facing the country. Part of the reason voters are so concerned about spending and deficits is that they see excessive spending undermining our ability to create private sector jobs and turn the economy around.

  3. Independents view Republicans in Congress more favorably than Democrats in Congress or the Tea Party Movement. Overall, Republicans in Congress have a 48 to 41 percent favorable to unfavorable rating (46 to 40 percent among Independents), compared to a 40 to 40 percent split for the Tea Party Movement (43 to 36 percent among Independents) and a 41 to 49 percent rating for Democrats in Congress (29 to 58 percent among Independents). Since our January survey, Republicans and the Tea Party Movement have seen nominal improvement (from a 45 to 42 percent rating for Republicans in Congress and a 38 to 42 percent rating for the Tea Party Movement) while Democrats have seen a slight drop (from a 45 to 46 percent rating).

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