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Denver Focus Group (June 2011)

July 8, 2011

Resurgent Republic conducted a focus group of Hispanic voters in the suburbs of Denver, Colorado on June 30, 2011. The full results of the four pair focus group series can be found here. Following are key highlights pertaining to the focus group in Denver among Hispanic voters:

Despite certain policy criticisms, these Independents and Hispanics tended to view President Obama as a likable person. The Independents and Hispanic voters we talked to believe President Obama has the interests of the middle class at heart and understands their problems, although these voters differed in the degree they hold President Obama or his polices responsible for the current state of the economy.

More significant politically, the Hispanic voters in our Colorado focus group believed President Obama has made the economy worse even as they faulted the previous Administration and the housing crisis. These voters give President Obama credit for trying to fix the economy but believe he has failed to live up to his own promises to turn the country around. Their critique of President Obama’s handling of the economy sharpened when discussing fiscal issues, especially the growing national debt and job creation. One Hispanic male who voted for Obama in 2008 summarized President Obama’s economic policies as “printing money.” These voters largely believed the economic stimulus failed to create jobs, with some going as far to say the economic stimulus made things worse.

Read the full report: Voters See No End In Sight To Economic Decline; Debt Ceiling Debate Galvanizes Opinions Of President Obama's Job Performance

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