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Senators Unveil Bipartisan Immigration Plan, But Opposition Looms

Michael A. Memoli, Noam N. Levey and Brian Bennett | Los Angeles Times | January 28, 2013

As they announced their framework for comprehensive immigration reform, leading senators from both parties declared Monday that the politics of the long-stalled debate had shifted after Republican candidates failed to win significant support from the growing Latino electorate in November.

But many conservatives made clear they rejected that contention. They remain deeply skeptical of any plan that would create a way for the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants in the country to become citizens...

..."It's one thing for a senator who has a statewide electorate to be able to make the case on this issue. In the House, you have a different demographic base," said Luke Frans of Resurgent Republic, a conservative research group that has been closely studying the Latino vote.

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