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Republicans need to talk to more than each other

Jennifer Rubin | The Washington Post | February 26, 2013

The center-right research and polling outfit Resurgent Republic is out with new polling and focus group data on under-40 voters.

From their four focus groups of self-identified moderates, the pollsters concluded:

While the President continues to be personally popular, few of these participants are committed supporters of the President. Many are concerned about his inability to get things done.

While most have not tuned into the details of the on-going budget debate, the deficit is a top concern to this group of voters. Most by far agree that spending is the problem and most oppose higher taxes because they do not address the root problem.

Participants, women in particular, are concerned about the economic squeeze on the middle class. Health care and education costs are up sharply; their ability to pay is not.

The groups pointed to significant disagreement with both parties. Their main negative perception of Democrats is reckless spending. Their main negative perceptions of Republicans were an inability to relate to the middle class and intolerance of differences of opinion on social issues.

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