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The Fix: July 8, 2011

Aaron Blake and Chris Cilllizza | Washington Post | July 8, 2011

GOP focus groups show independents withholding judgment on Obama: Independents who supported Obama in 2008 are extremely pessimistic about the economy, and while they don’t blame Obama for causing the problems and still like him personally, they can’t name what he has done right, according to focus groups conducted by Resurgent Republic, a conglomerate of GOP consultants and pollsters.

The focus group results, which will be released today, show that Obama’s stewardship of the debt limit debate will have plenty of impact on how he is viewed by those independents.

The focus groups describe the former Obama supporters as more “skeptical” than “negative” about Obama’s performance on the economy, and note that the challenge for Republicans will be to move them in the latter direction.

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