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Do Independents Approve of Pelosi?

Resurgent Republic | October 13, 2009

Our recent nationwide focus group series revealed that Independent Obama voters have genuine concern about the increase in government spending and mounting federal debt, but that wasn’t the only subject that received a critical response.

As we mentioned in our key findings released on 9/11/09:

"And they see congressional leaders, specifically House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in a harshly negative light."

The Wall Street Journal discusses Pelosi’s poll numbers and how she may become a central figure this election cycle:

"In a recent Wall Street Journal-NBC News poll, 44% of respondents had negative feelings about Ms. Pelosi and 27% had positive ones, with the remaining 29% either neutral or not sure. Among independents, 53% viewed her negatively and just 20% positively."

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