Resurgent Republic promotes conservative, free-market principles such as lower taxes and economic growth and opposes policies that stifle job creation.

Resurgent Republic tracks how voters, especially Independents, perceive President Obama, rate his job performance, and evaluate his policy agenda.

Resurgent Republic promotes strong national defense policies and opposes policies that will weaken national security.

Resurgent Republic tracks public opinion regarding a national energy strategy which increases domestic production, makes America less dependent on foreign oil, and prioritizes free-market influences to meet our environmental needs.

Resurgent Republic helps define the ongoing political landscape by indentifying emerging national issues and measuring voters’ perception of political figures and parties.

Resurgent Republic measures public opinion on whether health care policy should favor more government control and regulation or enable greater individual freedom and opportunity.

Resurgent Republic seeks to identify and explain public opinion trends among critical swing voters.

Resurgent Republic regularly measures public opinion among the growing Hispanic community and highlights opportunities and challenges for conservatives among this critically important demographic.